Farm Clean Up

If you have junk and scrap metal on your farm or other property that you would like to get rid of, we can help. If you don't have the time or resources to haul it in to us, we can set a date and time to come pick it up with our trucks and equipment. We charge a minimum of $50.00/hour for hauling.

On Site Dumpsters

If you have a continuous flow of scrap or if you want to clean up your property on your own time our onsite dumpsters are for you. We drop the dumpster off free of charge. You call us when you are done with it or when it's full and we will come pick it up. We charge $50.00/hour minimum for pickup.

On Site Pick Up

If you have a car, tractor, farm equipment, or other large metals that you can't haul in yourself we will pick it up for you. For $50.00/hour minimum, we will come to your property, pick up the scrap, and mail you the check.

All Freon Units will carry a $5.00 Freon removal fee. Units without Freon will not be charged a fee however; Alternative Recycling does NOT pay scrap on any Freon unit even if it's empty. In addition, a Freon Removal form must be signed by our staff and the customer

We accept all metals!


Tin       ACSR Wire
Stoves               Road Signs        

Washing machines                       Soft Lead   

Dryers                                           Stainless Steel 

Car bodies                                     Extrusions 

Motors                                           and MUCH MORE 

Unprepared Steel

Cast Iron

Fence Wire

3 ft Steel




Auto Batteries


Aluminum Cans

Sheet Aluminum